Vegan Saddle “Cheyenne” (artificial leather)


  • All-round saddle model made entirely from non-animal products
  • Very light, weighing only 4 kg
  • Close horse contact and comfortable seat
  • No restriction of knee rolls
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This is the “Cheyenne” as a vegan saddle, in the sense that it is made entirely from non-animal products. There is no leather anywhere, as even the girth straps are made from a synthetic material. Otherwise, it is exactly like a “Cheyenne” that is made from artificial leather. The Barefoot artificial leather is called DryTex, and it has a slightly grained structure. This material is very light and can be cleaned with a just a wet sponge.

The “Cheyenne” is a particular favourite among riders who want to have lots of freedom in the seat because there are no knee rolls to restrict leg movement. The “Cheyenne” adjusts well to the horse’s back because it is quite soft. The saddle’s underside is made from thick fleece in a matching colour. There are 6 D-rings to attach all your travel/riding necessities. The fibre glass pommel insert (size “medium” is included) can be exchanged as with all Barefoot saddles.

Main features:

  • Flexible in all 3 directions
  • No undue pressure under the saddle.
  • Helps build a strong top line
  • With our VPS system and stirrup attachment which can be positioned as needed
  • Affordable and easy to maintain
  • Weighs only about 4 kg

We recommend using corresponding artificial leather stirrup leathers with this vegan saddle, as the edges of real leather straps damage artificial leather. Generally speaking, we recommend our DryTex saddles for use as spare saddles, or for beginners. If your saddle is in constant use, we think it is worthwhile buying the leather version. Of course, if your aim is to abstain from animal products, your considerations are understandably different.

The vegan “Cheyenne” is available only in black.

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