How to Choose the Right Pommel Insert?

You can change the pommel insert on all Barefoot treeless saddles , thus making the saddle fit on almost every width of withers. If you want to know which width of pommel insert is right for your horse’s withers, you can either use the factory-made templates that you can buy from our Shop, or you can print out and make a set of templates yourself.

First, you should open the templates file and print out four copies of it on A4 paper. Glue each copy on a piece of card board to make it stronger.

right pommel
Printing out the templates file

Second, cut out the four different templates along the four different lines. Each of the these are a match for one of our four different pommel insert widths.

right pommel
Cutting out a template

Third, try these four templates on your horse’s withers, just above the shoulder blade. The right template is the one whose lines are parallel to the lines of your horse’s withers.

NB! If you find it difficult to choose between two different widths, it’s better to choose the wider one of the two. We often see that a horse’s withers build up quickly when using a Barefoot treeless saddle, so the wider pommel insert will probably fit perfectly quite soon.

right pommel
Trying a template on a horse’s withers

When Should You Choose the Soft Pommel Insert?

If your horse’s withers are very high and bony, it’s probably better to use the soft pommel insert because it will let the pommel lie softer on the withers. You can also use the soft pommel insert if:

  • your horse’s back is unusually sensitive,
  • her torso is as round as a ball, 🙂
  • her withers are so wide that even our XXL pommel insert is not wide enough.

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