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Pommel Insert


  • Helps adjust the saddle to your horse’s shoulder
  • Helps a saddle fit to different horses and in different training steps and in different seasons
  • DIY, easy to change
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All Barefoot saddles can be adjusted to suit horses with different shoulder conformations with these pommel inserts. Easy fitting: open front zipper, exchange pommel inserts, close zipper – finished! The pommels are made from a special PU-synthetic material. A metal bar inside avoids breaking and stabilises the material. The pommels can therefore move on the horse’s shoulder – the best comfort a horse can get.

Our English saddles usually come with a “medium” pommel insert while our Western saddles usually come with a “wide” pommel insert. If you would like to know which width is right for your horse, please write to us at We’re always happy to advise you.

For better identification, the pommel inserts have different colours:

  • Narrow – Beige
  • Medium – Grey
  • Wide – Red
  • XXL – Blue
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