Pommel Insert with Handles


  • You get a secure hold
  • Plenty of wither clearance
  • Anatomically shaped handles
  • Best for beginner training and therapy


These pommel inserts come with handles that are anatomically shaped, giving you a safe hold, no matter if your hands are large or small. They can be used with any Barefoot saddle that has a fork (a pommel with a horn). Simply exchange the pommel by opening the front pocket zipper. The saddle can be converted back at any time without much effort or help of a saddler.

NB! These pommel inserts cannot be used with standard English-type saddles because the pommel zipper on these goes from right to left and so you can’t close the zipper because of the handles. What you need is a pommel zipper that comes from both right and left and closes in the centre. For English type saddles, this means that you need to order a custom saddle, either the custom “Cheyenne” or the custom “Cherokee”. You can order these two saddles with a pommel insert with handles. This adds 80 EUR to the basic price.

We recommend the HDR-Handles for:
• rider training
• therapy
• spooky horses
• insecure riders

Additional information

Weight15 kg

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