Terms of Service


  • The Buyer is the party that buys riding gear from this Barefoot Baltics e-Shop at https://www.barefoot-baltics.ee.
  • The Seller is the party that runs this e-Shop and sells the goods, i.e. Log Horse OÜ (Estonian Business Registry entry no. 12039208) whose address is Villema farm, Nehatu village, 90123 Lääneranna parish, Pärnu county, Estonia.
  • The e-Shop is the website at https://www.barefoot-baltics.ee that sells treeless saddles and other riding gear that is made by the German company Barefoot.


The Seller has a licence from Barefoot in Germany to sell Barefoot treeless saddles and other riding gear only in the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The Seller can therefore accept orders only from private persons and companies in these three countries.


The Seller bases his actions on the order he has received from the Buyer at the e-Shop and fulfils the order without delay as soon as the Buyer’s payment has reached one of the Seller’s bank accounts.

To make an order, the Buyer needs to do the following:

  1. Go to the Shop page, located at https://www.barefoot-baltics.ee/
  2. Select one of the categories of products, e.g. “Treeless Saddles” or “Saddle Accessories”,
  3. Select one of the products in the chosen category, e.g. “Endurance Saddle “Atlanta”” in “Treeless Saddles”,
  4. Make selections in all the attributes that are available for this product, e.g. size, colour, etc.,
  5. Click on the orange button “Add to basket”,
  6. Repeat these five steps for all the products the Buyer wishes to buy,
  7. When all the products have been placed in the basket, click on the green button “View basket” or click on the basket’s value total at the top right corner,
  8. Check if all the items in the basket are listed correctly, make changes if necessary, and choose one of the available delivery options. Click on the orange button “Proceed to checkout”,
  9. Enter the Buyer’s personal details including name, telephone number, and delivery address. Select the appropriate delivery and payment option. Read the Terms of Service and indicate acceptance. Finally, click on the orange button “Place order”.
  10. Make the appropriate payment.


The Buyer can pay for the ordered products using one of these options:

  • Direct bank transfer. The necessary bank details of the Seller will be shown to the Buyer right after placing an order. Alternatively, the Seller will send the Buyer a proper invoice for the ordered products if the Buyer wishes, and the necessary bank details will be listed on the invoice.
  • Estonian bank links: Swedbank, Luminor, SEB, Coop, LHV, WebMoney, Paysera.
  • Latvian bank links: Swedbank, SEB, Citadele, Luminor, WebMoney, Paysera.
  • Lithuanian bank links: Danske, Luminor, Citadele, SEB, Swedbank, Šiaulių bankas, Medicinos bankas, LKU, MoQ, WebMoney, Paysera, GF Lizingas, Mokilizingas, “Pay by cash”.

If the Buyer uses the option of paying through a bank link, (s)he should be aware that the Seller needs to forward some of the Buyer’s personal data to his authorised payment handler, the Lithuanian company Paysera LT UAB, to make the payment work.


The Seller reserves the right to cancel the order but only if unexpected circumstances arise that make the fulfilment of the order objectively unreasonable or altogether impossible. In such a case, the Seller notifies the Buyer immediately by telephone and/or email, upon which the order will be considered as cancelled. If the Buyer had already made the payment before receiving the notice of cancellation, the Seller will return the money to the Buyer without delay – certainly within 3 business days from receiving the money from the Buyer.


The prices of all the products that are sold in this e-Shop are clearly marked in product lists and product descriptions and they include the Estonian value-added tax (“VAT” in short).

If the Buyer is a Latvian or Lithuanian company that has a valid VAT registration in their own country, they can buy products from us with 0% VAT and pay the appropriate VAT in their own country. To do this, the representative of the company should not make the order in this e-Shop but write to us at mailbox@barefoot-baltics.ee and list the products they wish to order and their company’s VAT registration number, upon which we will make them an invoice with 0% VAT. In such a case, all other Terms of Service that are listed on this page still apply.


The Buyer can choose one of these three options as the delivery method for the products (s)he has purchased:

      • DPD parcel stations (2.50 EUR)
      • DPD courier service (5.00 EUR)

The Buyer will let the Seller know which delivery method (s)he prefers when making the order. (S)he can do this either by writing it in the “order notes” field when confirming his/her order or by writing to mailbox@barefoot-baltics.ee.


If the product(s) the Buyer has ordered from the Seller are available from the Seller’s own stock in Estonia, it usually takes 2-5 days for the Seller to deliver the product(s) to the Buyer. If the product(s) are available only from Barefoot’s stock in Germany, it usually takes 10-15 days for the Seller to deliver the product(s) to the Buyer. If the product(s) are available as a special order, however, it usually takes about 3-4 months for the Seller to deliver the goods to the Buyer. Please note that these delivery times are experience-based estimates, so they apply most of the time but not always. In unusual circumstances (holidays, logistical delays, etc.), the delivery times can be a little longer. If this happens, the Seller will always notify the Buyer by telephone and/or email and do its best to deliver the product(s) as quickly as reasonably possible.

The Seller ensures that the delivery time will not be longer than 10 days for products that are listed as being in stock in Estonia, no longer than 25 days for products that are listed as being in stock in Germany, and no longer than 6 months for products that listed as being on sale as special orders. If it is, the Buyer is entitled to compensation, for which the Seller will attempt to make a fair and just suggestion.

When the Buyer makes an order, (s)he can choose the method of delivery as well. If (s)he chooses delivery to a parcel station, the Seller will charge 2.50 EUR for delivery. If (s)he chooses delivery by a courier, the Seller will charge 5.00 EUR for delivery.


The Seller will send the Buyer a proper invoice for the ordered products. The Seller will send this by email and on paper, together with the products.


If the Buyer’s delivery address changes after the order has been made but before the product(s) have been delivered, the Buyer is obliged to notify the Seller of this without delay so that the Seller can fulfil the order without complications. In such a case, the Buyer should telephone the Seller (Kristjan Korsten, +372 5787 8389) and write his/her new delivery address in an email to mailbox@barefoot-baltics.ee


The Buyer has a right to cancel his/her order within 14 days of receiving the ordered products from the Seller without having to justify this in any way, and exchange the products for other products that are sold in this e-Shop or return them altogether. During these 14 days, the Buyer can inspect and try the products – also on a horse – but must try to affect the products and their packaging as little as possible. If it is possible to try the products without removing labels, the Buyer should do so.

To return the products, the Buyer must notify the Seller by telephone (Kristjan Korsten, +372 5787 8389) or email (mailbox@barefoot-baltics.ee) send them back to the business location of the Seller, which is: Villema farm, Nehatu village, 90123 Lääneranna parish, Pärnu county, Estonia. After the Seller has received the returned products from the Buyer, the Seller will return the purchase price of the products to the Buyers bank account without delay. If the bank account number of the Buyer is not known to the Seller, the Buyer should make this information available to the Seller when giving the notice of order cancellation.

The Buyer’s notification of order cancellation can be done in free form, provided that it is clear and easily understandable to the Seller. If the Buyer wishes to notify the Seller in proper form, however, (s)he can use this template, available in three file formats:

Notice of Order Cancellation.odt
Notice of Order Cancellation.docx
Notice of Order Cancellation.pdf


According to Estonian law that governs the operations of this e-Shop, the Buyer can make complaints to the Seller about the products (s)he has purchased from him for 2 years after their delivery. If faults appear in the products within the first 6 months after purchase, they will be considered to have been there already at the time of purchase unless the Seller can prove otherwise or these faults are the result of normal wear and tear.

The Buyer can send complaints to the Seller by email, by writing to mailbox@barefoot-baltics.ee or by phoning Kristjan Korsten (the shop manager) whose phone number is +372 5787 8389. In either case, the Seller will respond to the complaint in writing and within 5 business days. The result of the complaint can be a partial compensation, a repurchase by the Seller, an exchange for another product, or a repair.


In case a dispute arises between the Buyer and the Seller about the fulfilment of the Buyer’s order and/or the way the Buyer has used the product, the Buyer and Seller will do their best to resolve the dispute with a fair, amicable discussion. In case a resolution to the dispute cannot be found regardless of their efforts, the dispute will be resolved within the framework of the legal system of the Republic of Estonia, either in court or by an out-of-court settlement.

If the Buyer feels his/her rights have been breached, (s)he can also turn to the Estonian Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority (in Estonian: Tarbijakaitse ja Tehnilise Järelevalve Amet) for assistance. The authority is located at Endla 10a, 10142 Tallinn, Estonia. Their telephone number is +372 620 1707 and they take calls every business day between 9am and 6pm. Their email address is info@ttja.ee.

Additionally, the Buyer can turn to the Online Disputes Resolution platform of the European Union for assistance.

In any case, the Buyer will always retain his/her right to submit his/her case to a court of law.