Treeless Saddles

“Treeless saddles” is a concept that many riders in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have heard about but
there are probably not that many people in the Baltics who have tried them. It is still quite common in our countries to know only conventional, treed saddles and hold prejudices against treeless saddles, such as:

  • Treeless saddles move around too much on the horse’s back,
  • You can’t do any jumping with a treeless saddle,
  • A treeless saddle isn’t as comfortable for the horse as a well-fitting traditional saddle,

…and you know what? That could all be true for some older, low-quality treeless saddle that someone, somewhere has once tried. 🙂

But it isn’t true about Barefoots. Barefoot and the German horse physiotherapist Sabine Ullmann have taken treeless saddles to a new level over the past 20 years, and we are confident in saying that a Barefoot treeless saddle is better for both the horse and the rider in most circumstances than any conventional saddle.


treeless saddlesBut don’t just take our word for it! Why not search around the internet for opinions about Barefoot treeless saddles and see what riders around the world tend to think about them. Better yet, why not get in touch with us so you can try a Barefoot saddle for yourself? When you do, I’m sure you’ll soon find that:

  • The saddle is stable on the horses back,
  • You can trek, do dressage, jump, and everything else with it,
  • The saddle is very comfortable for both you and your horse.

Most importantly, your horse will learn to love riding and you’ll both have a great time on the trails. Happy horse, happy rider – that’s our motto.

Treeless Saddles: Their Chief Advantage

treeless saddlesGrass grows only in the summer in the Baltics. Our horses are thin in spring and fat in autumn. 🙂 Their body shape is in constant change throughout the year. When you think about it: How can a rigid, unchanging conventional saddle fit the horse all the time? The answer, obviously, is that it can’t. When it doesn’t, it causes pain for the horse and the horse will begin to hate riding. You can call in a specialist to alter the saddle, sure, but how many times a year are you prepared to do that? As many times as your horse needs it? Probably not that often because the expense of that would be too much. And what if you run a larger stable with dozens of horses and half-a-dozen saddles…?

With a Barefoot treeless saddle, there are no such worries. You can easily make the same saddle fit your horse at all times – or make the same saddle fit on 10 different horses in a day. No problem! You can do it all yourself. A change of front pommel is usually enough. When it isn’t, you can adjust the saddle pad with fillings. When you own a Barefoot treeless saddle which is right for yourself in terms of size, you’ll never need another saddle again!