Custom Made Saddle “Cherokee”


  • Create your own individual Barefoot saddle
  • Choose from 10 different leather colors
  • Custom made saddle: the design is up to you


For those who want a Barefoot custom made saddle – something more individual than a brown or black stock saddle – here is your opportunity. There are 10 different leather colours to choose from. From billet straps, the fleece underside to the zipper, you decide what you want your saddle to look like.

You can use our design tool by clicking HERE. When you’ve completed your design, please click on Print and for your printer, please choose the “save as pdf” option. You can then send the saved file to us by email to and we’ll take it from there.

The delivery time for a incl. a stamp and an authenticity cerficate is between 12 – 16 weeks. It is also available with a front horn or handles for beginners.

Leather trim, 6 D-rings to attach all your travel/riding needs. The fibre glass insert (medium size) can be exchanged as with all Barefoot saddles.

Main features of this custom made saddle:

  • Individual design made of soft nubuck leather
  • Flexible in all 3 directions
  • No undue pressure under saddle and therefore promotes the development of a good top line
  • With VPS system
  • Close contact, open and comfortable, centered seat
  • Weight: only 6 kg

All leather used in our products is tanned and coloured using natural, plant-based substances: Barefoot leather products are therefore free from chrome and other harmful substances. This process is 100% environment- friendly as no chemicals or toxic substances are involved.

However, plant dyeing and tanning produces widely varying results, meaning that the colour of our saddles often differs considerably from those shown on our configurator. Please take this into account when ordering and note that the colours shown on our configurator are intended only as an approximate guide to our colour range. For us and for you as our customer this is a small price to pay to protect our environment and future generations.

NB! This is a custom saddle, made according to your specific wishes. Our normal “14 days, all money back” return policy therefore does not apply for this product. In case you do want to return this custom made saddle after purchase, we need to find a custom made agreement. 🙂

Know-How Relevant to this Custom Made Saddle

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