Set of Pommel Templates


  • Set of four templates that correspond to the four pommel widths
  • Easy and comfortable to handle
  • Colours match those of pommels
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These are pommel templates that you can use to find out which pommel is right for your horse. Barefoot’s English type saddle usually come with a “medium” pommel, and Western saddles with a “wide” pommel. You can also buy extra pommels from our shop.

With the help of these pommel templates you can easily determine whether the pommel insert placed inside the saddle fits your horse. There are four templates – just like there are four pommel widths.

If you use these templates to measure your horse and you find that your horse’s withers are somewhere between two sizes, we recommend using the wider of these two widths for the pommel. This allows room for muscle build-up.

Barefoot’s exchange pommels are slightly elastic, and the material therefore adjusts to movement. Small deviations between a template and the withers are therefore easily offset.

The material of these templates is firm cardboard that is laquered. Alternatively you can still use our DIY downloadable templates for free.

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