Therapy Surcingle “Save My Spine”

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  • A surcingle without the nut cracker effect
  • Plenty of wither clearance
  • Anatomically shaped handles
  • For beginner training and therapy
  • Real leather, soft padding
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Our therapy surcingle lets you do lunging and therapeutic riding without the nut cracker effect on the horse’s withers. Most lunging, vaulting and therapeutic riding surcingles apply damaging pressure on the horse’s withers – either to the sides or on top of the spinous processes. Ours doesn’t!

Underneath this surcingle, the withers remains unrestricted and there is no pressure – neither on the withers nor along the sides. The supports on both sides are padded softly and are extra wide so that the horse’s muscles can develop.

The handles are anatomically shaped, giving a safe hold even for small hands… This therapy surcingle is an ideal training’s aid for beginners as well.

The handles can easily be removed and exchanged with a Barefoot pommel insert without handles.

On the size 1/2 surcingle, you can move or remove the lowest rings on the left and right on the surcingle. This allows the surcingle to be girthed higher, which is great for horses with narrow rib cages. The most important dimensions of our therapy surcingle are the following.

Length from withers to first hole for girthing:

  • Pony version – 55 cm
  • Horse version – 65 cm

Length from withers to last hole for girthing:

  • Pony version – 69 cm
  • Horse version – 85 cm

The pony version can be used on all ponies whose wither height is 115 cm or higher. This therapy surcingle can be used with any standard dressage girth.

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