Endurance Saddle “Atlanta”


  • Very light trekking and endurance saddle
  • Highly pliable; moulds to you horse’s back
  • Made from soft open pore cow hide, dirt repellent
  • Very comfortable also on long rides
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Barefoot’s “Atlanta” is a light weight, horse friendly trekking or endurance saddle that is made from robust, open pore cow hide. It is especially pliable and moulds well to the exact shape of your horse’s back.

The surface treatment is dirt repellent. Leather trim and a horse’s head are there for style. The underside is light-coloured and made from thick fleece. There are 8 D-rings, conchas and leather strings to attach your trekking necessities. The skirts are round and short saddle flap, and the “Atlanta” takes an English girth.

Main features:

  • Flexible in all 3 directions
  • Promotes the development of a good topline
  • With VPS system
  • Very comfortable on long rides
  • Weighs only about 6 kg

You can go on for a very long time in this endurance saddle without feeling uncomfortable, and the same applies to your horse. The stirrup attachment can be positioned as needed, and the pommel insert is exchangeable to match your horse’s withers. (Size “medium” is included in the saddle.)

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