How to Choose the Right Saddle Model?

Barefoot’s treeless saddles are very versatile by nature and you can fit most of our saddles on most of the horses that are out there. Still, there are some saddle models that fit some types of horses better and we would like to share some insights with you to point you in the right direction right from the beginning.

Saddles for Horses with Short Backs

If you’re looking for a saddle that should fit a smaller horse or a pony who has a short back – like the Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian native horses – you should look at first to our shorter saddle models because they will probably work the best. These are:

Saddle for Sporty Horses with High Withers

Most of our saddles have a flat VPS system but the dressage saddle “Lexington” is an exception. It has a wedge-shaped VPS system that is perfect for sporty horses with high withers. If you have a horse like that, the “Lexington” is a great choice for you for both dressage and general riding.

Saddles for Jumping

If you want to do a lot of jumping with your saddle then our first recommendation is the “Nottingham”. It is more rigid than most of our saddles and it has a 3-layered VPS system that is more effective in evening out the pressures that arise from jumping.

If you want a general purpose saddle and only want to do some jumping occasionally, the “Cheyenne” is a good option for you, especially with extra knee rolls on fenders.

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