Fenders with Knee Rolls


  • Fenders with anatomically shaped knee rolls
  • For use with all saddles and all riding disciplines
  • Makes hacking safe
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Sold in pairs


These are leather fenders with integrated knee rolls that you can attach to your stirrup leathers. It’s a great way to have detachable, extra knee rolls for saddles that don’t have knee rolls otherwise, like the “Cheynne”, the “Atlanta”, the “Arizona”, etc. Not only do they offer more security – hacking out or during schooling – but the rider also sits more comfortably. The knee area is raised through soft rolls and support the rider’s knee contact.

Using them is easy! You simply pull your stirrup leathers through a hollow space within the fenders. (Stirrup leathers are not included with these fenders.) You can use standard width (1 inch) or wide leathers (2 inches) with these fenders, allowing you the choice of your preferred stirrups.

These fenders with knee rolls have many advantages:

• rider’s leg lies quieter against the saddle
• can also be used with English stirrups
• knee rolls support the seat and give security
• no direct contact of clothing with horse
• you can ride without boots or chaps
• suitable for all saddles without knee rolls.

Their length is 43,5 cm and they are sold in pairs. We don’t recommend using these fenders with artificial leather saddles because the fenders will eventually damage the saddle, as leather is harder than artificial leather.

Additional information

Weight1,35 kg