Trail Saddle “Soft Walk”


  • Made for the long trek
  • No pressure points under stirrup attachments
  • Genuine sheep skin combined with artificial leather
  • Adapts to the horse in all dimensions
  • Comfortable and secure seat


Barefoot’s “Soft Walk” is an extra comfortable saddle for both horse and rider. It was developed after listening to riders’ feedback who wanted a low cost sheep skin saddle that would not cause problems for the horse’s back but one that also offered maximum comfort.

The structures of the “Soft Walk” correspond to our proven Barefoot concept. The saddle offers the same protection for the horse and the same flexibility. The integrated VPS system protects the horse’s back from pressure points and the saddle adapts to the horse’s movement to allow muscle development.

The “Soft Walk” offers even more comfort for the rider. The seat is extra soft and the large incorporated foam padding gives a secure, embedded seat for the rider. The saddle offers more than support, it “surrounds” the rider softly and securely.

The underside is made of a thick fleece. The saddle has 4 D-rings to attach all your stuff. High-quality conchas with strings are there for decoration and for attaching the sheep skin seat to the saddle base.

The pommel insert (size medium) can be exchanged as with all Barefoot saddles.

Know-How Relevant to this Comfortable Saddle

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