How to Break In a New Barefoot Saddle?

When you try your new Barefoot saddle for the first time, it will be far from perfect. However, it will start getting better immediately and in a few weeks’ time, you will probably fall in love with it. After a month, you will wonder how you ever managed without it and will probably never want another type of saddle again.

The saddle will settle considerably with use. During the first few hours in a new saddle, you will need to tighten the girth (or cinch) by several holes. Please take care to tighten the girth (cinch) immediately after mounting to prevent the saddle from slipping.

barefoot saddle
At first, the saddle will look and feel very high.

If at first the saddle is too high, the saddle pad can be used without the fillings. These can be put in place later when you feel the saddle has settled sufficiently for you to feel comfortable.

At first, the saddle may slip when mounting. We recommend using a mounting block whenever possible, to make mounting easier for your horse.

barefoot saddle
After some use, the saddle will settle into its proper shape.

We also recommend shortening your stirrup leathers at first. Shorter leathers will give you a more secure seat until you get used to your new saddle.

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