Safety Stirrups “Trail”


  • A lighter stirrup that is great for the long trek
  • With a safety cage made from flexible plastic
  • Extra wide, springy tread that is very easy for the riders feet
  • Suitable for 2-inch (Western) stirrup leathers or fenders


These light-weight trail stirrups have an extra wide and padded tread, which makes them great for long endurance rides. The surface is made from a non-slip rubberised material with underlying soft, elastic foam. The step absorbs shocks and it is very comfortable for the rider. On a long trek, it really makes a difference!

The suspension of these stirrups is suitable for wide, Western type 2-inch stirrup leathers or fenders. The safety cage is made from a durable flexible plastic. It’s a very important safety feature because it prevents the rider’s feet from slipping through the stirrup, which is a potentially life-threatening circumstance in case of a fall.

These stirrups are available in black and brown. The tread’s width is 14 cm.

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