Sheep Wool Saddle Seat Cover

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  • Gives you a softer seat
  • Better pressure absorption
  • Easy to attach
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This sheep wool saddle seat cover can be used with all Barefoot saddles. It makes the saddle even more comfortable and really cosy. It also suits many traditional (non-Barefoot) Western saddles – just order a size 2.

The cover is easily attached by two velcro strips on the left and right sides of the saddle seat. There is a bulge on the back of the cover that is stretched over the seat back. After a short ride the seat cover moulds to the saddle. The artificial rubber underside prevents it from slipping, so the rider feels safer but has a softer seat.

This product is made from pure sheep wool. Sheep wool has about the same anti-bacterial and pressure damping properties as sheepskin, but there is one important difference for us: Wool is simply shornefrom the sheep, which is a regular and relatively painless process, whereas the sheep must be killed to produce sheepskin. The wool of the sheep is then applied to a textile carrier material for further processing. This means the production takes place in animal and resource friendly way.

You can hand wash this saddle seat cover in cold water, then pull into shape by shaking vigorously. Size 1 is also OK for saddle size 0.

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