Soft Stirrup Leathers

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  • No bothersome pressure along the thigh
  • Numbered oval holes
  • No stretching thanks to nylon backing
  • Soft, without sharp edges


These are very flat and extra soft stirrup leathers that are made from smooth cow skin and have a stabilising nylon inlay. These leathers have no sharp edges or metal rivets which ensure excellent usage even in combination with soft leather saddles. Since the upper part of the buckle is extremely flat, the leathers don’t bulk and thus don’t pinch into the rider’s thighs. 15 numbered oval holes make adjusting easy. Stainless steel buckles.

• no bothersome pressure along the thigh
• numbered oval holes
• no distortion due to nylon inlay
• soft and without sharp edges

Their colour is black and they are sold in pairs.

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