Dressage Stirrup Leathers

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  • Single strip – no pinching of the rider’s leg
  • No buckle pressure on the horses back
  • Nylon core – no stretching
  • Available in two lengths
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These are dressage stirrup leathers that are made from soft, sturdy leather. They go down as a single strip – not a loop – and are therefore less bulky, lighter, and do not pinch. They are available in two sizes, short and long.

These stirrup leathers fasten at the top and at the bottom, with neat T-Buckles. Top buckle to fasten to the bars of the saddle with the nylon field; bottom buckle to adjust the length of leathers. Adjustment made from saddle is, therefore, easier and safer as rider’s leg stays in contact with the skirt of the saddle.

Leathers have a strong nylon core to resist stretching. To avoid pressure caused by bulk under the rider’s thighs, stirrup leathers under the seat flap are not leather covered.

The visible, lower T-Buckle is covered with a small leather sleeve.

• small buckle near the horse’s back – no pressure
• no pinching of the rider’s leg
• easy adjustment
• practical, save adjustment from the saddle
• nylon core – no stretching

Their width in 1 inch (2.5 cm) and they can be adjusted in these intervals:

  • Short, 49-63 cm,
  • Long, 57-72 cm.

They are sold in pairs.

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