Trail Saddle “Happy Valley”


  • Sheepskin and nubuck leather saddle with the VPS system
  • No pressure points under stirrup attachment
  • Adapts well to the horse
  • Comfortable and secure seating


“Happy Valley” is a fur saddle that is certainly comfortable for both horse and rider. It was developed on the advice of riders who wanted to have a sheepskin saddle that would not cause problems for the horse’s back. The sheepskin is what makes it comfortable for the rider.

The construction of this fur saddle is basically the same as in other Barefoot saddles. It offers the same protection for the horse and the same flexibility. The integrated VPS system protects the horse’s back from pressure points and the saddle adapts well to the horse’s movement and allows proper muscle development. You can use it with stirrup leathers or fenders – whichever you like more.

The feeling for the rider is safe and free at the same time. “Happy Valley”‘ offers more comfort for the rider than other saddles because the seat is extra-soft. The rider feels rather surrounded by the saddle and this is good feeling. There are soft, anatomically shaped cushions under the genuine sheepskin seat, secured by velcro. This makes the seat even more comfortable and easier on the hips as it gives the saddle more of a twist, ensuring that the rider does not sit too wide.

The underside is made of a thick fleece. The saddle has 4 D-rings. The pommel insert (size “wide” is included) can be exchanged as always with a Barefoot. High-quality conchas with leather strings are good for both decoration and attaching the sheepskin seat to the saddle base.

The rigging system on this fur saddle is specially designed. There are two girth straps that run through and over the padding which is made from soft leather, to avoid coat irritation and pressure points on sensitive bellies. A dressage girth is required.

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