General Purpose Saddle “Just Adjust” (artificial leather)


  • Adjustable saddle size
  • Movable thigh blocks
  • Adjustable stirrup leather position
  • Non-slip suede seat
  • Ideal for riding schools


Barefoot’s “Just Adjust” is an adjustable saddle in terms of size… That’s right! You can have one saddle ridden by very different people in terms of body size. The cantle is removable and can be freely positions with a velcro system. You can therefore adjust the seat size of the saddle to suit each individual rider.

“Just Adjust” provides movable thigh blocks for a secure seat and movable stirrup bars, which can be positioned depending on the rider’s size and preferences. The saddle’s variable structure and VPS System will also adjust to the horse it is used on – you cannot get any more flexible than this!

This adjustable saddle is ideal for riding schools, and private yards where riders share a saddle. It is also perfect for riders whose body shape is changing quickly: e.g during pregnancy or diets. “Just Adjust” offers sufficient support and security even for insecure riders. The closeness of the rider to the horse makes following the horse’s movement much easier and ensures faster, more enjoyable learning.

The saddle is made from easy-to-care-for artificial leather called Drytex and it comes with a non-slip suede seat. The underside is made from black fleece. There are 6 D-rings to attach saddle pad and/or luggage. The included pommel insert (size: “medium”) can be exchanged as with all Barefoot saddles.

Main features:

  • Adjustable seat size
  • Movable stirrup bar
  • Flexible in all 3 dimensions (X,Y,Z)
  • No pressure so therefore no restriction to muscle build up
  • With VPS System
  • Close contact, free and comfortable seating above the horse’s centre of gravity

We recommend using the corresponding artificial leather stirrup straps, as the edges of real leather straps damage the artificial leather saddle. We recommend our DryTex versions for use as a spare saddle or for beginners. If the saddle is in constant use, it is worthwhile buying the leather version.

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