English Bridle “Devon”


  • Softly padded crown piece, brow- and noseband
  • Very comfortable for the horse
  • Classy headstall, made from soft calfskin


Our English bridle “Devon” is made from especially soft leather and it is very comfortable for the horse. It was designed on the basis of the Barefoot slogan: “for riders who care”.

The browband, crown piece and noseband are all softly padded – also including the areas behind the buckles. The padding is made of calfskin and has a neoprene fill that will avoid too much pressure on the poll and nasal bone of the horse. The padding is wider than the narrow and flat leather top which makes this bridle very flexible and avoids skin irritations and friction to the sensitive areas on the horse’s head. The crown piece is embedded in a wide and soft padding to protect the sensitive area behind the ears and to take the pressure off the first cervical vertebrae.

In order for this bridle to be truly horse friendly, we did not include a flash noseband. We consider flash nosebands unnecessary. Any horse that trusts the rider´s hand won´t open the mouth unless it has dental problems or doesn’t like the bit. If your horse has issues with the bit, we recommend addressing those with regular dental check ups or by changing to a bitless bridle – we advise against any equipment that forces the horse´s mouth shut.

The main features of this English bridle:

  • Softly padded crown piece
  • Very soft brow- and noseband
  • Chrome buckles
  • Noseband with rolling buckles

Additional information

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