Lunge Line “Super Grip”


  • Made from a non-slip material
  • Coloured marks to see length
  • Rotating snap
  • Helpful stopper at the end


This lunge line is different. It’s an original Barefoot design and it is made from Barefoot’s non-slip material.

It is extremely light, weighing just about 370 grams. It is comfortable to hold and the non-slip material (that is made from nylon with a special rubberized fabric woven in) ensures a secure hold even when wet. In case the lunge-line is pulled through your hands, for instance when the horse suddenly jerks his head, no burns result. This lunge line is easy to coil up and unreel. It is somewhat more rigid than you might expect.

It is equipped with a large, sturdy snapwhich rotates so it will move when you change sides. A smart feature is the decorative stopper at the end. The last four meters are marked with different colours at each meter so you are always aware of the length when lunging and when doing ground work.

Main features:

  • Made from Barefoot’s non-slip material
  • The snap rotates
  • Coloured marks to see length
  • Very light-weight

The total length of this lunge line is 8 meters.

Additional information

Weight0,3 kg