Lunging Bit “Expert”


  • The middle ring moves around
  • You can change lunging side without re-attaching the lead
  • Ideal for driving from ground
  • Quick change openings
  • Made from real leather
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We have finally invented a sensible lunging bit, we think. 🙂 When taking a look at the commonly used lunging straps, we discovered a few things that bothered us:

  • The snaps with which they are normally hooked to the snaffle make a lot of noise. They rattle and jingle all the time and are very annoying.
  • The lunge can only be attached in the middle, causing the snaffle to be pulled out of the horse’s mouth or at least applying a wrong cue. And dulling the horse’s sensitivity!

We can do better than that! This lunging bit does away with annoying snaps, offering a smart quick-exchange fastening that is made from real leather. The ring to which the lunge is attached turns and moves freely so it doesn’t jerk the horse’s mouth. The horse can easily be directed into a different direction when you want it.

This lunging bit is made from real leather and nylon. Its length when closed is 26 cm.

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