Ground Work Border


  • Empty shells that you can fill with different materials
  • Border lines that are ideal for ground work
  • Flexible, lightweight, easy to use
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These soft ground work border lines are ideal for training – also in the saddle.

You can use them both for work or fun. They are versatile and you can use them in a variety of ways. You can use them on the ground instead of poles for fitness and balance, or as a boundary for tracks, or to define areas of the arena. You can also lay mazes, obstacles, etc. Your imagination is the only limit and since border lines are soft and flexible, your horse is always safe.

They come as empty shells and you can fill them with different materials, e.g. sand or saw dust. They open from a zipper on the right side. They are 150 cm long and their diameter is 12 cm when filled.

They come in three different colors: black, yellow, and blue. Studies have shown that these three colours are most easily noticed by most horses. To a horse’s eye, they stand out from surroundings and are easy to recognise.

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