Horse Training Ball


  • You can use it in a variety of ways
  • For work and for fun
  • Diameter: 75 cm
  • Colour: yellow
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This horse training ball is a very versatile horse training tool. You can use it from the ground or in the saddle. Your imagination is the only limit.

Horses learn to trust us on the ground. With Barefoot’s training equipment, learning will be more fun. This large ball can be rolled with the nose or kicked with the hoof. It can be used for target training and to teach your horse how to accept objects around him or under his belly.

Studies have shown that for horses, the colours black, blue and yellow stand out best from their surroundings and are therefore the easiest to notice and respond to. Our horse training ball is available in yellow, and its diameter is 75 cm. It’s made from PVC.

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