Western Saddle “Arizona” for Kids (artificial leather)


  • Very light western saddle for kids
  • Made from water-repellent faux leather, which is easy to maintain
  • Places the young rider safely and gives a snug hold


This is our cute western saddle for kids, which is much like the “Arizona” for adults. It is made from the Barefoot artificial leather called DryTex, which is water-repellent and has a smooth finish. It’s easy to care for it – all you need to do is wipe it with a cloth.

The kids’ “Arizona” offers a panel system to the right and left of the horse’s spine in order to give protection. The saddles places the rider safely and gives a snug hold. Beginners can also hold on to the saddle horn. Since all the movements of the horse can be felt very distinctly, a beginner learns how to adjust to them much quicker and how to balance him-/herself in the seat.

The saddle’s underside has fleece lining, and the saddle has 6 D-rings to attach items such as a saddle blanket or different carry-ons. The children’s “Arizona” comes as a complete set including fenders, stirrups, a tie strap and an off billet (made from nylon).

Main features:

  • Flexible in all three dimensions (X, Y, Z)
  • Offers safe seating
  • Places rider close to the horse to get used to it’s movements quicker
  • Weighs only about 4 kg.

You also get a little mascot that works as a key chain.

Know-How Relevant to this Western Saddle for Kids

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Additional information

Weight4,8 kg