Long Lines “Super Grip”

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  • For driving the horse from the ground
  • Made from Barefoot’s non-slip material
  • The ends are made from leather
  • Available in two lengths: 6 m and 8 m
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These long lines are made from Barefoot’s non-slip material that is composed of nylon with woven, rubberized strips. They are ideal for ground driving. The material is light and it has great grip even in the rain. No stoppers were thus required.

The material does not stretch. The buckle (made from leather) is in the middle for opening and easier handling (e.g. for attaching to a surcingle). The ends are also made from leather and they have buckles for attachment to a bridle.

They are available in two lengths: 6 m and 8 m. The shorter length is good for ponies and small horses. The longer length is meant for larger and/or very wide horses. The colour of these lines is black.

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