Horse Training Set (4-in-1)


  • Four different uses
  • Works as a lunge whip
  • And as a groundwork stick
  • You can use it for target training
  • Includes an acoustic signal
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This horse training set is very useful thing to have for any horse trainer. It could hardly be more versatile! There are many possibilities and ideas are that are hidden within this set. When lunging, it can be used as lunge whip. It’s also a target stick for target training. And it’s a ground work stick. The set also includes a small bell with which you can train your horse to react to acoustic signals.

Our horse training set is easy to handle and it is very well balanced. Thanks to its many uses, it not only saves space in the stable but it is also great value for money (as Barefoot products generally are).

The set includes:

  1. A stick with rubber grip handle
  2. A short lash
  3. A long whip lash with a leather popper at one end
  4. A soft ball you can attach to the stick for target training
  5. A little bell you can also attach to the stick

The length of the stick (without the lash) is 150 cm. The length of the whip lash is about 200 cm (including the leather popper).

The stick is blue, the soft ball is yellow and the lashes are white. Studies have shown that the are good colours to use on any horse training equipment because horses can distinguish these colours best from their surroundings. They therefore absorb and understand commands much better.