Surcingle Seat


  • Meant for therapeutic riding
  • Also for gentle backing and vaulting
  • Suitable for conventional surcingles also
  • Non-slip mesh underside


Our surcingle seat can be used with both lunging or therapeutic surcingles. It’s pretty much a light version of a riding pad that gives the rider a good, solid seat.

It is especially good for younger horses, for backing, for horses with saddle sores, for old horses, for nervous riders, for seat development, and for therapeutic riding. That is all. 🙂

The inside of the surcingle seat is thickly padded with different layers of foam, ensuring that the seat area is slightly lower than the outer part of the pad- This way, the seat frames the rider.

The underside is made from non-slip artificial rubber mesh. The top layer is made from micro fibres.

You can use this surcingle seat with non-Barefoot surcingles as well. We recommend using it with surcingles (and surcingle pads) that are made from the same materials as the seat.

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