Mecate Rein

54,95 79,95 

  • Choose from two different materials:
  • Real hair or nylon with a cotton core
  • Comes with instructions: how to tie a mecate
  • Used as reins for a bosal or a knotted halter


Our mecate rein is designed to be used together with a bosal noseband, or it can even be used as a rein attachment on a rope halter to create a rope halter hackamore. We offer the mecate in either braided nylon or real horse hair.

The nylon mecate looks softer and it can be replaced for the horse hair option as your horse advances in training. The nylon mecate can also easily be used for other purposes, such as a long rope, a lunge line, etc. On the one end of the nylon mecate, there is a decorative tassel of hair. On the other end, a leather flapper.

The horse hair mecate makes more of an impression on the horse’s neck. The hair is braided intentionally a little rough to encourage light responses for neck reining. It is a traditional, high quality look and feel that many riders enjoy. It has a leather flapper at one end.

Please do not fear the knot that you see. We provide both styles of mecate with detailed instructions on how to tie it.

The length of the mecate rein is 6.7 m.

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