Cheek Pieces


  • Made from soft leather
  • Well suited for a hackamore
  • Excellent also if you want to use a bit
  • Easy to change from a hackamore to a bit, even outdoors


These cheek pieces are a great addition to a bitless bridle. If you are using our “Walnut”, for example, and you need to quickly fall back on a bit or hackamore, you don’t need to install another bridle. You can just attach these cheek pieces and a bit or a hackamore to the bitless bridle. It’s as easy as saying, “Saldējums”. 🙂

You can even make the change without taking the bitless bridle off. You attach the cheek pieces to the bridle on the left and right hand side, replacing the bitless straps. You install a bit or a hackamore to the cheek pieces, and you’re done.

Another cool thing you can do with these pieces is alternately ride with a bit and without a bit. You can use two sets of reins, attaching one set to the rings of your bitless bridle and the other set to the rings on a bit. You can try which option works better for you in that situation.

The cheek pieces can, of course, also be used as spare parts for the cheek pieces on conventional bridles.

The width of the cheek pieces is 15 mm and their length is as follows:

  • Size 0 – 26 cm
  • Size 1 – 28 cm
  • Size 2 – 32 cm

They are sold in pairs.

Additional information

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