Bitless Bridle “Walnut”


  • Gives you the gentle, bitless alternative for all riding styles
  • Crosspull and sidepull
  • Soft nose, browband and poll padding


Our leather bitless bridle called “Walnut” is the gentle alternative for all riding styles. It distributes pressure lightly and evenly over the nasal bone, the cheeks and the poll. It doesn’t create punctual pressure in just one spot and therefore provides pain free and safe rein aids which increases trust between horse and rider.

The throat latch is an extension of the reins – thanks to the crossed reins, the horse understands your aids easily which will help you to put her/him on the bit without twisting or false bending at the poll.

Bitless bridles work very well with even the slightest pressure; e.g. quick half-halt on the left rein triggers a steady but pain free pressure on the opposite side of the horse’s head. The horse evades the pressure on the right and turns to the left. If you apply light pressure on both reins or right and left on the individual reins – your horse will yield and give at the poll.

Very suitable for every riding style, Western, English, Endurance or trail – even lunging. As with all new equipment, we suggest you try the bitless bridle in a fenced area first. The noseband should be resting 2 cm above the mouth crease and you should be able to get two fingers under the noseband.

This leather bitless bridle has an especially gentle design. The noseband, crown piece and browband are all nicely padded. The crown piece is extra wide and has a thick padding to reduce pressure behind the ears.

• Bitless alternative for all riding styles
• Mild and even pressure distribution without force
• Soft nose, browband and poll padding
• Crown piece extra wide with a thick padding
• Matches all nubuck Barefoot saddles

Dimensions of Bitless Bridle "Walnut"

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