Horse Pack Bags


  • Horse pack bags for pack horses
  • Or, for just walking with your horse
  • Ideal for young horses and for older horses who shouldn’t be ridden anymore
  • 9 pockets, some with a zipper or a clip
  • Elastic V-rigging
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This is a set of innovative horse pack bags that you can use for pack horses or for just walking with your horse.

Walking with your horse is important for establishing trust. During a walk you can discover new things together, while allowing your horse to learn about the horse-human partnership and this extending your ground work. It’s especially good for young horses to learn to walk on the trail. There is much to explore and the more we do this from the ground with our horses, the safer they become under saddle.

For these walks and for pack horses we have come up with a great bag, with plenty of storage space. There are two large pockets, a bottle holder, a GPS pocket, a map pocket, straps for coats or blankets, etc.

Our horse pack has a removable, washable bottom (similar to a saddle pad), which is fastened with velcro and padded to support the spine.

It is fastened with a V-girthing system that allows for lots of room. It has a chest strap at the front and a waist belt in the middle – both with an integrated elastic band and keepers for the strap.

The features of our horse pack:

  • Ideal for young horses for getting used to weight on their back for the first time
  • Ideal for hand-led horses that will carry only light weight
  • Ideal for older horses that should not be ridden, but enjoy long walks
  • 9 pockets, some with a zipper or clip closure
  • 4 straps, which attach the rear or front
  • Elastic V-rigging
  • Reflectors provide security in poor light

It is made from 600D nylon that has a polyurethane coating. This combination is great for the outdoors because it is strong, water-resistant, and stain-resistant all at once.

The backpack fits a wide variety of horses, from Shetland ponies to draft horses. The straps can be cut easily. To avoid slipping, the luggage should be distributed evenly.

The base can be removed and washed separately at 30° in a washing machine. After washing, you need pull it back into shape.

Please keep your mobile phone in your own pocket – not the horse pack – just in case. 😉

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