Hackamore “Bitless Bit”


  • An essential for bitless riding
  • Choose between soft and more detailed handling
  • Great for Western, Engish, trail, and endurance riding
  • Made for skilled riders who want to communicate in the finest ways


Barefoot’s “Bitless Bit” attaches to the bridle in a similar way to a bit or a standard hackamore. When attached, it lies flat against the horse’s head and does not cause pinching when in use. The nose and chin straps attach to the outward facing metal eyelets and therefore do not assert pressure onto the horse’s head. This allows the rider to affect the horse in the finest ways.

Barefoots’s “Bitless Bit” has no edges and is therefore very comfortable for the horse. Your signals or aids via reins are mainly absorbed through the noseband.

Reins can be attached in various ways:

  • For a gentle effect – in the large ring
  • For a medium effect – in the quadrant-shaped area
  • For the strongest effect – in smallest, lowest ring

As soon as your horse has converted to bitless riding, any lesson can be taken – light flexion is possible. (Please have a look at our booklet called “Bitless Riding” for more information and advice.)

This device allows horses precise communication without using a bit in situations like these, for example:

  • Horses with wolf teeth or other dental problems,
  • Horses with sensitive mouths,
  • Horses who lean on the bit,
  • Horses who shape their head excessively,
  • Horses who are “bit sour”,
  • For riders who want to communicate with their horses in the gentlest way.

In addition, you will need a noseband and a chinstrap, to secure to the horse’s nose. The design of our “Bitless Bit” is protected and it is sold in pairs. As always we ask you to be gentle with it. 😉

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