Hackamore “Flowers”


  • A necessity for bitless riding
  • Choose between soft and more precise handling
  • For Western, Engish, trail, and endurance riding
  • Meant for riders who want to communicate in the finest way


Just like a bit, the hackamore “Flowers” attaches to the left and right of the bridle. The difference is that your horse won’t have steel in her mouth. 🙂
In addition, you will need a noseband and a chinstrap to secure the hackamore to your horse’s nose.

Your aids are transmitted through the horse’s nose. As soon as your horse has converted to bitless riding, any lesson can be taken and flexion is possible.

The “Flowers” allow for some leeway. The rein action and control are variable, depending on which ring of the hackamore is used. The strongest effect is achieved when the reins are attached to the lowest ring.

This hackamore is made from stainless steel and it is sold in pairs.

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