Bosal Noseband


  • Noseband in the classic vaquero tradition
  • Rawhide core and rawhide braiding
  • Matching mecate available separately
  • One size fits all


The Barefoot bosal noseband is excellent in both quality and pricing. It has a core made of rawhide with real leather and is braided with genuine rawhide. The bosal is a noseband from the classic vaquero tradition and it is used in conjunction with a mecate (which will be your reins).

It is easily adjustable through the left and right cheek pieces of the “hanger” (i.e the head piece) and the bosal replaces the noseband as a type of hackamore for more advanced horses for precision, mental collection and unity with the rider.

It affects mainly the nose and in combination with the mecate, the neck (called “neck-reining”). It encourages the horse to keep his nose centred within the bosal ring.

Main features of this bosal:

  • Rawhide core
  • Wraiding with rawhide
  • Flexible
  • Classic vaquero bitless

Our bosal is 12 cm long and 2 cm wide.

Additional information

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