Riding Halter “Seneca” (3-in-1)


  • Versatile, with three different functions
  • Decorative rawhide browband and noseband
  • Matching reins available


Our riding halter “Seneca” is a combination of versatility and beauty. Is it a knotted rope halter or a bridle? The answer is: it is both.

We think we have been quite clever with this product. It can be used as a standard halter for ground work, as a bitless bridle or a bridle with a bit that can easily be attached with the leather loops.

The “Seneca” has four stainless steel rings and adjustable knots to fine tune fitting to your horse’s head. This riding halter can also be used with mecate reins.

The material is polypropylene with a cotton core, plus the rawhide noseband and browband. The tassel is made from genuine horse hair.

Main features of this riding halter:

  • Versatile with three different functions
  • Individually adjustable
  • Decorative rawhide browband and noseband

Size 1 suits riding ponies, thoroughbreds and Haflingers. Size 2 is good for warmbloods. Matching reins are available.

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