Stirrup Leather/Breast Plate Padding


  • You can use it for padding long, narrow leather straps
  • Meant for stirrup leathers and breast plates
  • Helps with stirrup leather pinching
  • No rubbing of leathers to the saddle


These are our soft sheep wool “envelopes” that you can use for stirrup leather and breast plate padding. They are opened and closed with velcro and they are easy to install and remove.

Advantages at a glance:

  • The stirrup leathers don’t pinch the rider’s leg
  • Riding without breeches or chaps is now pleasant
  • No rubbing of the leathers to the saddle, the saddle material is protected
  • Fits all stirrup leathers, breastplates, and other straps (maximum width – 7 cm)
  • Gentle and comforting for the horse

These paddings are made from pure sheep’s wool. This means the production takes place in animal and resource friendly way. The paddings can be cut to the size you need. Please singe the new end with a lighter to prevent fraying, or you can sew a new hem. When you need to clean them, please hand wash in cold water. Then pull them back into shape after washing and shake vigorously.

Their length is 52 cm and they are sold in pairs.

Additional information

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