Sheep Wool Seat for Riding Pad


  • With knee rolls
  • Comfortable back support
  • Seat is attached by a long velcro strap
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This sheep wool seat seat makes your riding pad a cudly and comfortable thing. It has thick front left and right blocks to contain the riders thigh. At the back there is a high and comfortable back support. This gives the rider a sure seat while sitting very comfortably.

Made from 100% sheep wool with a non-slip underside of artificial rubber, which rests safely and smoothly on the riding pad

The seat is attached by a long Velcro strap that is fastened on the underside of the ride-on pads. The seat has little additional openings front and rear through which the rings of a riding pad can be drawn.

This product is made from pure sheep’s wool. Sheep wool has about the same anti-bacterial and pressure damping properties as sheepskin, but there is one important difference for us:

Wool is simply shorn from the sheep, which is a regular and relatively painless process, whereas the sheep must be killed to produce sheepskin. The wool of the sheep is then applied to a textile carrier material for further processing. This means the production takes place in animal- and resource-friendly way.

NB! The seat fits perfectly to our newest riding pads. Older versions have no rings attached in front. Pads without rings may have issues with the front of the seat sliding. The seat can also be used on other bareback pads, if they have rings or other fasteners in front.

You can hand wash this sheep wool seat in cold water, then pull it into shape after washing and shake vigorously. The blocks and the rear seat back are removable for washing.

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