Contour Bridle “Trail” (2-in-1)


  • Anatomically shaped contour headpiece (patented)
  • Clever, horse friendly bridle made from soft nubuck leather
  • Ideal for trail riding
  • You can use it with a bit or without one


Barefoot’s “Trail” is a wonderful contour bridle meant for… that’s right, the trail. 🙂 The poll area has a patented contour. It is shaped forward so that no pressure is applied to the senstitive area behind the ears where a nerve trunk attaches to the occipital bone. The headpiece is softly padded and curved around the horse’s ears – the ears have room and the headpiece nestles softly.

This Barefoot bridle comes with multiple adjustment possibilities. The crown piece, the noseband and the throat latch can be adjusted on both sides and they can be fitted to a wide variety of horses, from a pony to a warmblood. The bit can easily be buckled on and off. The throat latch can be removed completely and the bridle can be used as a halter. The noseband is softly padded and has 2 additional rings to attach reins and ride bitless.

We recommend you buckle the entire bridle loosely: the noseband should have ample room so it does not interfere with the horse’s breathing.

The main features of this contour bridle:

  • Perfect for trail riding
  • You can use it with or without a bit
  • Made from soft nubuck leather

Leather bit straps are included with this bridle.

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