Contour Headpiece “Physio”


  • Anatomically shaped contour headpiece (patented)
  • Exact fit to the horse’s head
  • Precise aids thanks to a perfect fit
  • No slipping towards the horse’s eye
  • Many different ways of using it


This contour headpiece comes from our “Physio” series which denotes maximum comfort for the horse. There are several tweaks here that make it better for the horse, and it is meant for all styles of riding and lunging.

The “Physio” headpiece can be precisely fitted to the horse’s head as it is of a totally different design to traditional bridles.

The poll area with a special contour is shaped forward so that no pressure is applied to the sensitive area behind the ears where a nerve trunk attaches to the occipital bone. The headpiece is softly padded and curved around the horse’s ears – the ears have room and the headpiece nestles softly.

The cheek pieces and throat lash are fitted to the horse’s head in a different way, also. The cheek pieces fork out: this y-shape prevents slipping and the horse’s eye stays unaffected. The bridle can be precisely fitted to the horse’s head and it stays in place.

There are many different ways you can use this Barefoot contour headpiece. For example:

  1. With a Barefoot “Shape-It” noseband or cavesson for bitless riding or lunging,
  2. With a Barefoot “Shape-It” noseband or cavesson and bit straps for riding and lunging with a bit,
  3. With a hackamore or a bosal,
  4. With a bit by simply attaching the bit to the headpiece,
  5. Etc.

Dimensions of Contour Headpiece "Physio"

The "length" was measured from left to right towards the mouth and over the poll in a straight line. It is adjustable in the given interval.

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