Vaquero Bridle “Sevilla” with Reins


  • Comes with two types of brow bands
  • One plain, one with a frontalera veil
  • Adjustable on both sides for better fitting
  • Softly padded, real leather
  • Includes reins


This is our comfortable and authentic Vaquero bridle that is made from durable, vegetable tanned, Brazilian leather of the highest quality.

The crown piece, noseband and browbands are lightly padded. This will make the bridle comfortable for your horse while giving the authentic Spanish look. The browband with its frontaleras (soft leather bands) offers protection from flies. The integrated pinas are made of raw hide. If you don´t like moving frontaleras for every day riding, you can exchange it for a padded browband without them (included with this bridle). It has embroidered leather pinas. The bridle is sold complete with matching leather reins that are typically flat in the ends and decorated with high quality raw hide.

• Brazilian leather
• Adjustable on both sides
• 2 softly padded browbands
• Spanish hardware and decoration
• Reins included

The length of the reins (measured on the one side) is about 170 cm.

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