Bitless Contour Bridle “Jewel”


  • Anatomically shaped contour headpiece (patented)
  • Precise bitless riding
  • Bitless bridle of the highest quality
  • Padded soft leather with decorative rhinestones


This bitless contour bridle is exceptional. It distributes pressure gently and evenly across the nose and cheeks. It ensures the aids are received without any pain and helps create trust between horse and rider.

The throat lashes are extensions of the reins – their cross-under design allows the horse to understand aids easily without wrong flexion at the poll. This bitless bridle makes riding with the lightest aids possible: A short impulse/pressure on the left rein creates a pain free but distinct pressure on the opposite side oft the horse’s head. The horse moves away from the pressure on the right and reacts with bending to the left. Short impulse/pressure on both reins or alternate reins – your horse will give.

This bridle is innovative because of its patented contour headpiece. The sensitive area between the horse’s ears – the atlas – represents the transition to the cervical spine, with the foramen magnum connecting the brain with the medulla. The atlas is also where the nuchal ligament starts, which is responsible for the whole chain of movements of the back. It is precisely here at the nuchal ligament onset that too much pressure or stress can cause inflammation. As a result, the horse suffers great pain and its movement is severely impaired.

Barefoot have the horse friendly solution, as always. The poll area of a Barefoot contour headpiece is shaped so that no pressure is applied to that delicate area between the horse’s ears. The centre of the headpiece is sharply bend forward and therefore lies in front of the nuchal ligament onset. The main bearing surface is on the neck muscle, left and right behind the ears. The area around the ears is shaped and softly cushioned.

The main feature of this bitless contour bridle:

  • It is the bitless alternative for all riding disciplines
  • It has Barefoot’s patented contour headpiece
  • Even and gentle pressure distribution
  • Soft noseband, browband and headpiece padding
  • Decorated with rhinestones

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