Soft Nose Band “Shape it!”


  • Flexible and adjustable to each horse’s nose
  • Softly padded for extra comfort
  • Precise aids due to perfect fit
  • No slipping


This soft nose band is special for many reasons. During basic training and groundwork, it is important that your aids should reach the horse as precisely as possible – otherwise, what can you expect? This is especially true for horses with unusually sensitive heads. Most nose bands that are available unfortunately slip back and forth on the nose which makes precise “on the spot” aids practically impossible. With the “Shape it!” nose band, however, it’s different because you can shape it yourself to exactly match the shape of your horse’s nose. It will stay in place much better and it will allow to communicate with horse in a clear and precise way.

The innovation comes from a thick, bendy wire. The noseband is shaped around this wire and it can therefore be fitted to each individual horse’s head. The nose piece stays in a better position and does not slip.

This soft nose band is wide and comfortably padded. It is even suitable for bitless riding – the reins can be buckled to the outer rings.

We recommend using this nose band together with the “Physio” contour headpiece, which conforms perfectly to the horse’s head, leaving the sensitive eye area free. You can, of course, use it with any standard headpiece if you want.

The length of this soft nose band can be adjusted in these intervals:

  • 0 PONY, 57-64 cm
  • 1 COB, 61-72 cm
  • 2 FULL, 67-78 cm
  • 3 DRAFT, 76-85 cm

We also have a cavesson and a simpler nose band in our “Shape it!” series.

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