Leather Colour Cream


  • Revives colour for sun-tanned and spoiled leather
  • Doesn’t leave stains
  • Nourishes all leathers
  • Excellent also for nubuck and suede leathers
  • Only one drop is enough
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This Barefoot leather colour cream is suitable for all leather types. It prevents light damage, and restores and rejuvenates colours of faded leather. The creamy balm also nourishes the leathers and protects it from drying out. No staining when used correctly!

We especially recommend this for all Barefoot gear. You should not use grease or waxes to clean nubuck or soft leather as this will clog the pores of these leathers. Used regularly, it protects the leather and keeps its elastic.

The jar holds 100 ml of cream and a suitable sponge. Please apply in it very thin layers. This little jar should last a long time. 🙂

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