Halter/Bridle Padding


  • Versatile – use it on whichever band you need padded
  • Pressure damping properties
  • Made from sheep wool
  • Length: 28 cm, width: 6 cm

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This halter and bridle padding has a sheep wool base, and a soft cushioned and quilted top, made from a black cotton-blend material.

It can be used as a nose, neck, jaw or chin guard and it is simply velcroed on to the relevant part of the bridle. There is no need to disassemble the entire bridle!. Of course, you can use this padding on you stable or pasture halters as well.

We have moved away from the bulky look that many conventional paddings have and opted for more discreet look. The exterior is thus black and traditional looking and it is generally approved for use in competition as well.

This halter and bridle padding is made from pure sheep wool. You can’t wash it in a maching but you can hand wash in cold water. After washing, you need to pull it back into shape and shake vigorously.

Its length is 28 cm and its width is 6 cm.

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