Brow Band with Fly Protection (2-in-1)


  • 2-in-1 brow band made from real leather
  • Use it with or without a fly veil – it’s easy to exchange
  • A must-have for summer trail riding


This is an exchangeable brow band (2-in-1) with fly protection. It is not only functional and horse-friendly but also very pretty. The softly padded, leather covered underside has a velcro fastening over which you either attach a plain leather top, or a leather top with fly protection fringes that are made from nylon.

Both are included in the set so the browband can easily be changed in seconds. When the weather is rich with flies, you can use one top for the outdoors and the other for the indoors.

There’s a positive extra: no annoying slipping. Many conventional fly-fringes have this problem but with our fly protection, the fringes stay where they should.

Main features:

  • Quick function change, from a regular brow band to one with fly protection
  • Suitable with most of our bridles (except the contour bridles)
  • Soft padding made from soft leather
  • Fly fringes stay where they should

Available in three different versions:

  • Black, smooth leather
  • Brown, nubuck leather (embroided)
  • Black, nubuck leather (embroided)

Additional information

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