Elastic Off Billet “Stretch & Breathe”


  • Elasticated Western rigging
  • Allows horses to breath more easily
  • Extremely strong leather
  • Elasticated material and a high quality finish
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This elastic off billet was especially developed for Western saddles where tight cinching from the ground is often unavoidable as you generally do not re-cinch once in the saddle.

The elasticated “Stretch & Breathe” material allows for room to move, so your horse does not get cinched too tightly. It is made from carefully selected materials. The incorporated elastic band allows for just enough stretch so that the horse, once cinched, can still breath easily without making the saddle slip.

An off billet is used on the right hand side of the saddle in Western rigging. On the left hand side, the cinch is attached with a tie strap, tied traditionally in a tie knot.

The overall length of this elastic off billet is 110 cm but you should fold it in half and use it doubled. Its colour is brown.

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