Tethering Aid for Extra Safety


  • Releases the horse in a panic
  • Safe to use in tying training
  • With a sturdy panic hook
  • Opens by velcro

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This is a tethering aid that makes it much safer to tether your horse. It’s an original Barefoot design.

Everyone knows that a horse – especially a young one – can get into a panic when tethered, and in the worst case, this can be fatal. This tethering aid will release the horse in such a situation, so that the worst will not happen. It is strong enough to safely secure a horse yet safe enough to instantly release should your horse spook or rear up against the rope.

This tether aid simply attaches to the rope. It is practical in that you can leave it wherever horses are tied, and everyone who wants to can use it.

  • Reliable safety for your horse
  • The breaking point can be re-closed – it can be used over and over again
  • You can use it with any rope

Its length is 28 cm.