Halter “Stretch & Breathe”


  • Elastic “Stretch & Breathe” material
  • Safety head collar that releases the horse in a panic
  • Velcroed nose and head piece with sheep-wool sleeves


This halter is very functional. It’s extra safe and extra comfortable for the horse. It is made from Barefoot’s artificial material called “Stretch & Breathe”.

This halter uses an elastic material in the poll and nose area which will give way and release, should your horse get into a panic and desperately wants to break free. The horse can slip off the halter without it losing its shape or function and therefore it can then be used again.

It is ideal for use in a paddock, a field or with young horses which are not yet used to being tied up. Included with the head collar are sleeves from real sheep wool, both for the nose band and the headpiece. These sleeves can be removed by opening the velcro.

For extra safety, the head collar is closed with a small panic hook that can be opened with one hand.

The halter is washable at 30 degrees, except for the sheep wool sleeves which should be washed separately and by hand. The sleeves need to be pulled back into shape before drying.

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